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The chart showing  series.

Nation Wide Progress On Result of the 2018 Elections (FROM CLOSE OF POLL @ 5:00PM, TUESDAY 13, MARCH, 2018)

Select1Carriacou and Petite Martinique1717100.00
Select2St. Andrew South East1616100.00
Select3St. Andrew South West2020100.00
Select4St. Andrew North East1515100.00
Select5St. Andrew North West1414100.00
Select6St. David2727100.00
Select7Town of St. George1212100.00
Select8St. George North East2121100.00
Select9St. George North West1414100.00
Select10St. George South East1515100.00
Select11St. George South2727100.00
Select12St. John2020100.00
Select13St. Mark1212100.00
Select14St. Patrick East1010100.00
Select15St. Patrick West1414100.00

Percentage of Completion of Result - Reported based on Constituencies.

The chart showing  series, Constituencies series.

Bar Graph showing Completion of Result - Reported based on Constituencies